Committees: Overview

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for conducting the legal affairs of the Society. It oversees the activities and performance of the Minister and the work of all other committees responsible for personnel administration. It is responsible for all property and financial resources of the Society, including current operating funds and investment funds. Each year it presents an annual operating budget to the Society for approval and then manages that budget during the year.

The Board is made up of a chair, past-chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and no fewer than three members at large. All members are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected at the Annual Meeting. The Chair and Vice-Chair for a term of one year, the Treasurer for three years, and the at large members for staggering three years. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be eligible for election to no more than one additional year.

Program Council

The Program Council is a collaborative group that promotes interconnections in the church. The council supports and joins together allowing for synergy among committees. It consists of the chairs of all committees responsible for the various programs in our church.

The Program Council facilitates the development and coordination of church programs. The Program Council coordinates the Church calendar, enhances intra-church communication, initiates, advances or modifies programs and activities, provides leadership development and training, and ensures that committee leaders have the information and resources needed to carry out their function.  The Program Council supports the inner workings of the church community and assists in achieving the objectives of the Society as directed by the Board of Trustees.

Current committees and task forces include:


Also affectionately known as the “Casserole Ministry,” the Caring Committee works with the minister to provide care and support for congregation members in times of need. This includes rides, food, visits, and support at all levels.

The chair is appointed by the Program Council, and other members are appointed by the chair. Many others in the congregation help out on specific projects.

Director of Religious Education Relations

This small committee works as a communication network between the Director of Religious Education (DRE) and the congregation. They are problem solvers, and advocates and perform the annual staff review.


The Hospitality Committee plans and oversees the Sunday Social Hour, Circle Dinners, and other group activities that promote fellowship among our church community. They welcome new commers and guests and intergrate them into further participation and membership of the Society.

The chair is elected a the annual meeting. Other members are appointed by the chair.


This committee organizes special fundraising activities to support our church programs. Their primary activity is the annual church auction.


This committee acts as an advisory committee to the Minister in planning, executing, and evaluating the Sunday worship service, including the presentation of music or special programs. It also plans and executes occasional lay-led services.

The chair is elected at the annual meeting. Other members are appointed by the chair.


This subcommittee provides support to members, volunteers, and staff dealing with conflicts within our church. Members are appointed by the Program Council.

Religious Education

Children & Youth: The Children’s RE Committee is responsible for planning and overseeing educational programs for our children.

Adult: The Adult RE Committee plans and oversees regular offerings for the congregation. Check the calendar for their programs and times.

Social Justice

The Social Justice Committee helps FUUSE understand its role as a religious community in fostering ethical and just relationships within the congregation and the larger world. They helpcoordinate the congregation’s social responsibility activities.A few task forces and initiatives have started under their banner including the following.

Green Sanctuary Task Force: This group helps our church community implement a program supporting the Seventh Principle Project of the UUA. A Green Sanctuary is defined as "a congregation that lives out its commitment to the earth by creating a sustainable lifestyle for its members as individuals and as a faith community."

Groundwater Task Force: This group is working on protection and awareness of water resources, especially in our area. Projects include the Save Our Groundwater/USA Springs conflict.

Outreach Task Force: This is a meaningful way for FUUSE members to connect, support, enrich, and gift to others beyond the walls of this church through our service, spirit and contributions.

Welcoming Congregation: This subcommittee worked to defeat the proposed Constitutional Amendment aimed at excluding same-sex couples from the legal equality represented by civil marriage.


Board of Trustees

Mollie Allen
Skip Berrien, Outgoing Chair
Jim Breeling, Treasurer
Kendra Ford, Ex officio
Kristin O’Gorman
Liz Reyes
Denise Short
Tony Tufts, Chair


Committee Members

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Committee Roster for 2010-2011

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