Volunteers Run the Place!

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Report a Facilities Problem

Use this form to let FUUSE know about a problem with the facilities of the church.

Point out something that needs maintenance or repair.  Or Give us an idea for an improvement.

Give as much detail as possible, including dates.

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Know your Board of Trustees

Do you know the members of the FUUSE Board of Trustees? Find out more about them here.

Tony Tufts

Tony Tufts

Tony Tufts

Tony Tufts was brought to FUUSE and to Unitarian Universalism by his wife Anne. He wishes there were more Unitarian Universalists in the world and he hopes that FUUSE will continue to nurture a caring and conscious community that shines light on important issues in the world while at the same time allowing us each to find our spiritual paths. When not at FUUSE he buys and sells Antiquarian Books and Ephemera, enjoys family, especially new grandchildren Moira and Bridget, and coaches soccer.

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A Few Words from our New DRE

LJ Francoeur and daughter Moira

Linsey-Jean Francoeur and daughter Moira

Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to be the DRE at FUUSE! I have exciting things planned for this upcoming year, but first a note about who I am.

I am a fifth generation UU(!) from right here in Exeter, NH. I now live in East Kingston, with my husband, Artty, and our new baby, Moira. In the winters we play in the snow with our two dogs, and go cross-country skiing in the woods, and in the summer we grow as many vegetables as we possibly can. We play and make music together all year long. We’ve done quite a bit of traveling, and are so happy to have settled down where we are.

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Requirements for Building Renovations

Renovations to facilities at FUUSE will meet, as much as possible, these requirements that were developed through several meetings and discussions.

A. General Considerations

This project consists of renovating the existing building on our own property.
The design shall allow for potential growth and integrate expansion as our needs and resources grow.

  1. All space must be designed for multiple uses to attain the least cost and greatest energy efficiency.
  2. Space is needed for four simultaneous meetings on weeknights. These meetings must not interfere with each other.
  3. The youth groups (YRUU) may meet twice during the week, requiring adequate space and sound abatement for their activities.
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RE Volunteers

Teaching a religious education class to children and youth is a powerful and fulfilling experience. It is an exciting and important job of ours to grow our children into thoughtful, educated UUs! This job is not just the job of parents – it is the work of the whole congregation. Your willingness and enthusiasm to volunteer to teach is greatly appreciated! Each teaching session will span roughly two months, and will consist of four designated Sundays. We will be using standard curricula from the UUA’s Tapesty of Faith on these Sundays. Lesson plans will be provided, and there will be two teachers in each classroom. There will be a teacher training workshop for the first two sessions at the start of the church year, and another one after the holidays for the last three sessions.

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The Story of the Elm Trees

Dancing the Elm Dance

The Elm Dance with Coleen O’Connell

During worship on April 19 (2015), Coleen O’Connell told us the story of the Elm Dance, and Joanna Macy’s work with the people of Novozybkov, in the aftermath of the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl. Worship continued outdoors, where we learned the dance that Macy used in Novozybkov.

You can read the story. Or listen to Coleen tell the story.

And watch us do the dance.




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Spring and the Leap of Faith

FloThings are popping here at FUUSE this spring!  I can’t keep up with everything that is happening.  Kim Canfield asked if it was like this every spring.  And I had to say, no, not like this.  I speculated that it was long winter rebound.  And then I saw that the great big chalk board had reappeared in the Parish Hall and I thought, I wonder if all this happening is part of the Leap of Faith program playing out in our congregational life.

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Spring is here!

… and while most of the bulbs in my yard are still buried under snow things are popping up all over the place at FUUSE!

a sign of springWhat is happening:

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… Fix Calendar with No Events

If the calendar shows no events, your browser may be trying too hard to speed things up for you, and is preventing the display of calendar events. Try to fix this by clearing cached data.

For Apple devices, click here for a link to a page describing how to clear your cache.

IE Browsing HistoryIf you use Internet Explorer, these tips may help:

  1. Click on the Settings “Gear”
  2. Click on “Safety”
  3. Click on “Delete browsing history…”




IE Browsing History 2


When the “Delete Browsing History” dialog appears, be sure the top checkbox (“Preserve Favorites website data”) is not checked.

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