Summer Schedule of Services

putthis_on_calendar_clip_artJuly 10th through August 28th9:30 AM – 12 Elm Street

First regular fall service: September 18th (new start date!)
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FUUSE Retreat at Camp Huckins

Camp HuckinsSave the Date: The 10th Annual FUUSE Retreat will be at Camp Huckins on Lake Ossipee, Friday through Sunday, September 9th through 11th.
Come and enjoy a weekend under the pine trees at Camp Huckins with your fellow FUUSE friends. Sleep in cabins with electricity and bunk beds, eat in a dining hall community style, and enjoy the fresh air and water of Freedom, NH, and Lake Ossipee.

table at Camp Huckins

You will enjoy workshops such as Yoga, Poetry, Small Group Ministry Topic, challenge course activities, crafts, music, nature activities related to UU principles, or plan a workshop on a topic you love for others to enjoy. More information to follow.

If you are interested in helping to plan the event please contact Anne Tufts at
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Letter from Rev. Kendra to Gov. Maggie Hassan

Letter19 November 2015

Dear Gov. Hassan –

    I am grateful for all the work you do on behalf of our state and appreciate your willingness to work through conflict.

     Today I write to you to ask you to reconsider your public statement that New Hampshire will not accept Syrian Refugees.  I ask you to reconsider on two merits; the first is legal and the second is humanitarian. 

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Update on Building Plans


Did you know that two dedicated groups of FUUSE-ians are busily working to move the community’s plans for renovating our physical facilities forward? Here is news from a November 5, 2015, joint meeting of the Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Committee (CCFSC) and Building Task Force.

Continuing Research

  • The CCFSC is focusing on taking the temperature of funding sources and potential donors. Key at this point is to define a preferred building plan, a pledging period, and a target timeline for fundraising in relationship to beginning of construction (most comfortable level would be having 70% (or more) of money on deposit before construction begins)
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Papal Visit

The pope is wandering around the planet holding people’s faces in his hands,
touching their forehands,
cradling their cheeks
for a moment treasuring them, blessing them.
He met with the man 3rd in line to be leader of the free world.
The man wept and resigned his contentious post,
as if he had been waiting for someone to tell him
You have nothing to prove, you are Beloved.
This pope does not look like he believes in original sin.
I wonder what kind of upheaval it would cause if
original sin resigned its post
in the face of so much bold treasuring of life.
A woman he doesn’t know from Eve
Runs up to him in the street.  He embraces her
And then lets her go.
She is golden in his eyes.
As she goes toward him, he sees the gold in her
and as he releases her back to the world,
she catches her reflection in his eye for a moment
and sees it too.
Now she understands what she has been.
He might declare original sin
to have been an error.
Really no one can be blamed for partaking
of knowledge,
in fact if anyone is to be blamed it would be God Themselves —
who put it all out there:
the galaxies swirling, the crisp of ripe fruit,
the tender wonders of the body
and the humans struggling to see beyond their muddle.
Like the colorblind man wearing special sunglasses
that let him see
rose petal pink
new frog green.
And he is weeping over the color of his children’s clothes and robin egg eyes.
God might, in fact, apologize, there is so much just beyond the edge we can see,
the horizon of the universe keeps receding
and the smallest particles
seem to be made of something smaller.
The apple comes easily from the branch when it’s ripe.
No one is to blame for tasting it,
dripping with the sugar of September sun.
Hold it in your hands.

Cherish it.

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New Membership Database


Elvanto LogoFUUSE has selected a service named Elvanto ( to help keep us organized and communicating effectively.

Elvanto is a full-featured church membership and communications management database system. It has tools for managing groups and events and processes and volunteers and religious education. Elvanto includes an online member directory and a versatile calendar system.  This service has powerful security and privacy features, and so far seems easy to learn and use (compared to the dozens of other possibilities that were reviewed or tested.)

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Volunteers Run the Place!

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Report a Facilities Problem

Use this form to let FUUSE know about a problem with the facilities of the church.

Point out something that needs maintenance or repair.  Or Give us an idea for an improvement.

Give as much detail as possible, including dates.

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Know your Board of Trustees

Do you know the members of the FUUSE Board of Trustees? Find out more about them here.

Tony Tufts

Tony Tufts

Tony Tufts

Tony Tufts was brought to FUUSE and to Unitarian Universalism by his wife Anne. He wishes there were more Unitarian Universalists in the world and he hopes that FUUSE will continue to nurture a caring and conscious community that shines light on important issues in the world while at the same time allowing us each to find our spiritual paths. When not at FUUSE he buys and sells Antiquarian Books and Ephemera, enjoys family, especially new grandchildren Moira and Bridget, and coaches soccer.

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A Few Words from our New DRE

LJ Francoeur and daughter Moira

Linsey-Jean Francoeur and daughter Moira

Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to be the DRE at FUUSE! I have exciting things planned for this upcoming year, but first a note about who I am.

I am a fifth generation UU(!) from right here in Exeter, NH. I now live in East Kingston, with my husband, Artty, and our new baby, Moira. In the winters we play in the snow with our two dogs, and go cross-country skiing in the woods, and in the summer we grow as many vegetables as we possibly can. We play and make music together all year long. We’ve done quite a bit of traveling, and are so happy to have settled down where we are.

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