Young Church Information

Information for parents of children in RE at FUUSE

The Play: “The Right Way to Right Speech”

After only a few weeks of practice, the play is just not ready. We will continue to work on it and present “The Right Way to Right Speech” in January.

Parents whose children signed up to be involved have been notified.

Our Next Service:

This Sunday, November 23, will be a multi-generational service. This means that children will remain in the sanctuary for the entire service. Nursery care will be provided from 9:15AM-11AM.

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Letter from the DRE

Letter from Kim Canfield, Director of Religious Education for FUUSE

October 20, 2014

Dear Friends,
Change is in the works and we are poised for great things here at FUUSE. Before I detail the changes in the Religious Education program, it’s important to understand why enrollment has declined and volunteers are hard to find. It’s not just FUUSE. It’s in all aspects of our culture. Over the past twenty years, society as a whole has changed and Sunday morning does not hold the same sacred place on our calendar as it once did. Many families find it difficult to carve out the time to attend Sunday morning service regularly due to busy schedules: sports, activities and even work requirements. Volunteer driven programs are finding it increasingly challenging to survive and thrive if Sunday morning is the *one* unstructured morning of a family’s week.

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Crop Walk 2014

CROP Walk is this Sunday, Oct 19, and these boots are made for walking.

Join us at Christ Church on Pine Street at 1:30 (registration at 12:30) and let’s demonstrate that we are concerned about hunger in our community and the world. Twenty-five percent  of donations support local food pantries.

These boots can walk one mile around the Exeter Inn, or four miles to Swasey Park and back. It will be good family fun and support a good cause.

“Give-It-Away” this Sunday will be for CROP. You can make your checks out to CWS/CROP.  Or you can still pledge online at and select our FUUSE Team.

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By taking this quick survey, you can help us collect information that will enable us to prepare carefully for the transition of FUUSE email server hosting from one hosting company to another.
When you are done, press the submit button, and your responses will be emailed to Bill Downall.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Worship Services

Sundays at 9:30am

FUUSE has a single morning service on Sundays at 9:30am. Religious education for children runs at the same time. This gives us the opportunity to offer a variety of programming for adults and mixed generations after the service and social hour time. Look for all manner of things happening at FUUSE at 11 on Sundays – visitor coffee, “New to UU” classes, yoga and meditation classes, art and cooking. Sunday mornings are full of life and connection.

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Letter from Kendra: 2014 Startup

Dear FUUSE Members –

I am savoring the cricket song and tomatoes of late summer and planning for an exciting year at FUUSE.  Much has happened over the summer, starting at the annual meeting in June.  I want you know about the changes that are coming for this church year.  First you need to know we will be having one service at 9:30am. This will be a year of trying new things and taking time to sit down together to talk about what’s working and what’s not.  It’s also a year when we will have more opportunity for conversation about the big questions about life itself.

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Your Pledge

To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.Mother Teresa

Secure Online Giving

Oil is the nourishment that the lamp needs to keep burning; money is the nourishment that FUUSE needs to keep it running, us spiritually nourished and our greater community healthy.

Each UU church is funded by itself and receives no monetary budgetary help from the UUA. It is through the abundance of generosity from every congregant that we can together have a place to nourish our spiritual growth, to be guided by our faith and not our fears, and to be of service to the world around us.

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Many Years of Generous Giving

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007= $20,877 (4 year total)

2008 = $6,863 (monthly Give-It-Away Plates plus donations to CROP)

2009/2010 = $7,976 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

2010/2011= $11,290 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

2011/2012 = $15,714 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

2012/2013 = $14,910 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

Total FUUSE Outreach Donations to Community Groups (2004 through 2013) = $77,630

Some Recipients of our support since 2004 include:

  • Great Bay Workforce
  • Seacoast Family Promise*
  • New Outlook Teen Center
  • Rockingham Nutrition Meals-On-Wheels
  • St. Vincent de Paul Community Assistance Center*
  • Squamscott Community Commons
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Home composting is much easier than what you might have heard. You cannot fail, because compost knows what to do. There is a wealth of information about composting and not one, absolute “right way” to do it.

Balancing ingredients greens vs. browns, hot vs. cold, small vs. large, and aeration are all factors that may affect the rate of decomposition — but you will still end up with compost in the end. Yard waste, vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds and filters are just a few items that can be composted. Avoid meat and dairy products, pet or human waste, and fireplace ashes. For a more complete list of what can and can’t be composted, refer to:

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