Arm in Arm Together

In these times, how can you be of service?

Guided by their faith — and in spite of their fears — the people of FUUSE have come up with many ways to serve humanity in fellowship, right now.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to add your name to any of these projects or groups on signup sheets in the Community Room, you can do so right here. Read about each project, initiative, or group, and click on “Add my name” for those you would like to join.

Project or GroupDescriptionLink to Join the Group
Artists for JusticeUse art to change society's consciousness. Join this group of activist artists, working for climate justice, racial justice, social justice, and more.

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Building Courage Through WorshipThis group will have ongoing worship (beyond Sunday) that supports courage, a place to acknowledge fear and discouragement and still make bold choices.Add My Name
Community Connections and CoalitionsCoordinate with other community churches to pool resources of all kinds between towns to help address mutual concerns.

Build coalitions with other UU congregations, other religious groups, and community groups.

We do this in lots of ways already. We need to do it more.

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Engaging Across DifferencesThis group wants to figure out how to listen and engage with others across profound differences, to learn to have structured conversations based on open-ended questions that allow us to listen to each other's depths without the proclamations and vitriol. 

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Go Alternative EnergyWith NH and other organizations, support adoption of clean and renewable sources of energy. This group will also support divestment from large banks and energy companies which support pipelines and other infrastructures that are dangerous to the environment and to the planet.  Feel free to add yourself to this group.
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Love WarriorsTrain ourselves to be Love Warriors, to be ready to interrupt acts of hate and violence in casual encounters and on large scales. This means doing some training in understanding racism and how to engage volatile situations in non-violent ways. Engaging in acts of solidarity, such as wearing a hijab in support of Muslim women, or a safety pin to offer safety to minority members in threatening public situations.

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Money Out of PoliticsWork with Wolf PAC  to get money out of politics. Feel free to add yourself to this group.

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Women's Reproductive Health Support Work to support Planned Parenthood and other services that enable women to control their own reproductive health.Add My Name
Refugee and Immigrant SupportSupport refugee and immigrant communities and families within an hour of your home. Offer volunteer help to organizations providing sanctuary for anyone threatened with deportation. Add My Name
State House WitnessingThis group wants to witness on social justice issues in or at the New Hampshire state legislature. Feel free to add yourself to this list.

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