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Outreach Overview

Mission: The Outreach Committee reaches beyond the FUUSE walls by providing meaningful ways to connect, support, and enrich others through service, spirit, and financial contributions. We:

  • Research the needs of our community
  • Call or personally interview service agencies
  • Invite speakers to discuss their program needs
  • Conduct surveys to determine FUUSE priorities

The third Sunday of each month has been designated as Give-It-Away Sunday when the general offering will be distributed to groups serving the community.

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Many Years of Generous Giving

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007= $20,877 (4 year total)

2008 = $6,863 (monthly Give-It-Away Plates plus donations to CROP)

2009/2010 = $7,976 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

2010/2011= $11,290 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

2011/2012 = $15,714 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

2012/2013 = $14,910 (Church Year monthly Give-It-Away Plates)

Total FUUSE Outreach Donations to Community Groups (2004 through 2013) = $77,630

Some Recipients of our support since 2004 include:

  • Great Bay Workforce
  • Seacoast Family Promise*
  • New Outlook Teen Center
  • Rockingham Nutrition Meals-On-Wheels
  • St. Vincent de Paul Community Assistance Center*
  • Squamscott Community Commons
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