Most FUUSE Documents are stored in our Elvanto church management system.

Click anywhere within this sentence to go to the Elvanto member Admin Area, and into the Files menu choice. You may be asked to log in to Elvanto on the way. (Check the “remember me” box so that you won’t have to log in every time.)

Some of the documents there are visible to you only after you have logged in with your FUUSE Elvanto user name and password. Some may not be visible to you at all, for example if they are working drafts that are “locked down” to members of a certain committee.


Files "View" dropdown
The “View” dropdown to pick a category of Files

Then use the “View” dropdown to narrow the list of files down to those in a particular folder or category.

Or, alternatively, if you know the name of a document you are seeking, begin typing some part of the name of the document in the white box under the word “Search.” All documents matching your search will show up.