Small Group Ministry
Small Group Ministry

“People come to church longing for, yearning for, hoping for … a sense of roots, place, belonging, sharing and caring. People come to a church with a search for community, not committee.” — Glenn Turner

A different way of doing church

The Small Group Ministry program deepens and broadens personal spiritual growth. Each meeting is focused on a spiritual or religious topic. The goals are to:

  • Listen and be listened to in a safe place
  • Learn about the mysteries of our world and our spiritual paths
  • Build new and deeper personal connections
  • Serve our community and the needs of one another
  • Maintain personal connections and a caring community

FUUSE Small Group Ministries meet in groups of 6 to 8, weekly or bi-weekly over an eight week period. New groups and series form at least twice a year. They meet for the purpose of spiritual reflection and discussion in a structured setting. Ginny Berrien and Linda Coe are the trained facilitators. Co-facilitators are Laurie Taylor and Mollie Allen.

Look for sign up forms at FUUSE or contact Ginny Berrien with an email to for information and to learn about the next schedules. All are welcome! Or use the form below to let us know of your interest in future series.