The Lit FUUSE was an idea by FUUSE member Rickey Holt. His vision was to have FUUSE members contribute art, poetry and stories including memoir to a magazine and we could share their work with the FUUSE community. Rickey had a poet’s soul, and would often bring his work to the First Friday Coffeehouse, and also share his poetry in other New Hampshire venues.  Rickey and I met at Me and Ollie’s back in 2003/2004 to discuss how we could collect work from various poets and artists and then assemble them into a book. Our original intention was to publish the book once a year. The first volume was released in 2004.

The Lit FUUSE — Volume 7 Spring, 2023
The Lit FUUSE — Volume 6Winter, 2019
The Lit FUUSE — Volume 4Summer, 2011
The Lit FUUSE — Volume 3Spring, 2009
The Lit FUUSE — Volume 2Summer, 2007

The last few volumes have been co-edited by poet and FUUSE member Holley Daschbach. It has been Holley’s encouragement and her keen eye for good poetry that have helped to move the early vision of The Lit FUUSE forward. Find the current issue (Volume 7) on-line here plus some back issues.

The current volume features a poem and photo of Rickey, as well as poems by other FUUSE members: Heather Crowley, Holley Daschbach, Paul Friederichs, Nancy Fiske, Leroy Jones, Jan McLean, David Weber, Bob Moore, and Rev. Kendra Ford.  The latest issue also features poems by local and regional poets: Barbara Bald, Jessica Purdy, Mike Nelson, Mark DeCarteret, Melissa Murdoch Baker, Margaret Morrill, Peter Craig, Ed Pacht, Guy Capecellatro III, Julie A. Dickson, Martha Andrews Donovan, John-Michael Albert, Melissa Fiske, Megan Greenbaum, Rosemary Staples, Robert Demaree, Mary Lewis Sheehan, James Rioux, Trina Daigle, Andrew Periale, Priscilla Burlingham, Rick Gagne, and Emiliano Martin. Artwork was contributed by artist/poet Heather Crowley, Mary Lewis Sheehan, and Emiliano Martin. 

We hope you enjoy these issues of The Lit FUUSE. There are printed copies of the current book and some back issues at Water Street Bookstore in downtown Exeter, NH. For more information, e-mail: