How do I use Elvanto from my iPhone?

Elvanto LogoQ:  How do I use Elvanto from my iPhone? I can log into the program but I cannot see much. In particular I cannot access the database of members.

On your smartphone — whether it’s an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone — you can do everything you can do from a computer. But things are scrunched and rearranged for a smaller screen.  There are fewer words and more symbols.

Quick answer:  To check/edit your own info, when you are in the member area after login, tap your name (or picture, or icon — upper right) then choose “My Profile.” To look up other people in the directory, tap the hamburger menu (upper left — three stacked horizontal bars, like a Big Mac), then choose “FUUSE Directory.”

More detailed answer: Use your favorite phone browser — Chrome or Safari or Firefox or Explorer.  Any browser should work. Log in at On your computer screen, you saw your name at the upper right, and a little menu descends from it to get you to your Profile or your “Admin Area.” A black bar main menu across the screen has the most important user navigation choices on it.


Elvanto Member Area Header

Phone Login controlBut on your tiny little phone screen, things have been condensed. Your name disappears at the upper right, but the drop-down menu is now behind your icon or picture. Tap the picture and your drop-down menu will still appear.  

The black bar menu is still there, too, but it is hidden behind what is sometimes called the “hamburger menu” — the three stacked horizontal lines.

Hamburger Menu CircledTap that “hamburger” with your finger, and you will see the navigation choices. Tap one choice, and the menu will get out of your way again and take you to the screen you requested.

Exposed User MenuEverything is still there, somewhere, even on the small screen. It may be below other things instead of side by side, It may be within an icon or symbol. Explore.

And a bonus for you when you use your phone: if you are looking in the FUUSE Directory to find a phone number, all you have to do to call that person is tap the phone number!

(There is an “Elvanto” app in the Apple Store and in the Google Play Store. But as of this writing, it is still missing many features that are available in the browser on your phone. Use your browser, not the Elvanto App.)

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