Stand Together to Support FUUSE and all for which it stands

                             We Stand Together

This year’s FUUSE pledge drive theme, We Stand Together, suits the time in which we now live. During my January 8 sermon I reflected on what it means when we say, “We Stand Together:”

We stand together when we sing, when we take care of a grieving family, when we donate to the monthly “give it away Sunday,” and when we show up for protests, vigils, and rallies in the streets. This is such an important time in history to be clear that we do stand together.

Raising money for next year’s church budget is part of standing together. Money in our budget is part of how we do all the work of community life – spiritual sustenance, enacting our principles, reflecting deeply together. Money is only meaningful in so far as it supports us in standing together, supports us doing our work in the world, and supports our bigger souls and wider embrace.

But standing together does not mean always agreeing with each other. Francis David, a 16th century Unitarian, said, “We need not think alike to love alike.” Our work here isn’t to always think alike or even to always feel alike. Our work here is to love each other and love the world. To quote our American Universalist ancestors, we’re here to love the hell out of the world. That is the work of together loving each other and loving those we meet. That is the work of always reaching for our common humanity no matter the challenges presented to us.

Thank you for your annual pledge gift that will allow us to continue standing together. The Pledge Committee will be in touch with you to provide the details on how to pledge your support of FUUSE for the next church year.
Rev. Kendra Ford

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