Update on Building Plans

Illustrations and plans are current as of November, 2017

The Buildings of FUUSE are aging and need revitalization and reconfiguration to fulfill the values of the society and meet the need for coming generations.

A renovation program gives FUUSE the opportunity to reconfigure the current spaces in ways that invite use and invite one-time visitors to decide to stay and explore our faith and community.

Objectives have been to:

  • improve RE Space
  • update kitchen
  • use and flow of building
  • increase sanctuary seating and flow allowing the Minister to be part of beginning and end of service and be an active part of coffee hour
  • Improving beautification and design of space
  • quality, efficiencies of the space by changing energy needs, natural light, air quality
  • improve the time we spend together while allowing others to be part of our space and community

We received 2 professional estimates and our own in-house estimate done by Dave Michelson based on his professional engineering/estimating experience with the help of the renovation committee, input from other congregants, web research on costs on today’s construction estimates and calculations.

At this time, we are recommending that we stay within our feasibility estimate of $375,000.00 from Cornerstone. To fit into this estimate, we would have to make some choices between the design and layout of changes to RE, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Entrance and Sanctuary to accomplished renovations at this level.

From our original survey the congregation told us their priorities were the RE space, the Kitchen and the sanctuary.  This renovation is geared toward accomplishing several things.  Grow the congregation, improve our RE space for our young church people and new families, increase flow, improve our Kitchen for Sundays and more.

We believe focuses on the new kitchen and bathroom addition, total renovation of the RE space and moving the nursery will make the most impact and allow for future renovations or a stage 2 in the future.

New Plan

  • Addition with new kitchen and bathrooms
  • Renovations of Former Kitchen Area and New Nursery Space
  • Renovation of RE Space in Basement
  • No New Entrance
  • Sanctuary Renovations as budget allows

Estimated New Project Costs

Milestone - $420,000 (no sprinklers or sanctuary upgrades 10% contingency) New building giving us a new kitchen, new bathrooms and RE space updated.

Peter Goodrich General Contractor - $300,000   New building giving us a new kitchen, new bathrooms and RE space updated.

Some money may be available to replace windows in sanctuary (5% contingency, no sprinklers)

Our FUUSE committee Estimate – $375,000

(No sprinklers, architect fees, and 5% contingency)

In addition to the 3D renderings of renovation plans on this page, there are also blueprints available for the proposed floor plans:

Click here to see Main Floor Plan (as of 11/13/2017)

Click here for Basement Floor Plan