Our Website Has a New Look!

The new Exeteruu.org
The new ExeterUU.org

FUUSE has launched an upgrade to our web site. We hope you like it!

We are now using a “look and feel” which was developed by the Outreach Team at the UUA. Please check it out, and look around at the new menu structure and organization. Everything you were used to should still be there, but things have been rearranged to follow recommended best practices for UU websites.

  • The new look of the website at www.exeteruu.org is meant first of all to be our welcoming introduction to people outside of the congregation. Considerably more than half of people entering a church for the first time will have “checked out” that church online before we first see their faces.
  • People who are already a part of FUUSE will increasingly find Elvanto — our church management system, directory, calendar, and communication framework — to be the site they visit more frequently. https://fuuse.elvanto.net. This new web page has links into Elvanto in all the appropriate places, so don’t worry about which page you start on.
  • Some menus and website links are different than they were. If your own emails or newsletters or browser favorites and bookmarks pointed to something at exeteruu.org, they may not work any more. Send the URL for “broken links” you notice to webmaster@exeteruu.org. (A URL starts with “https://” or “www.exeteruu.org“). Bill will have the webpage redirect any attempts to reach the old URL so that it lands on the most appropriate current page.
  • Church Documents have moved. Files are now uploaded to and stored in Elvanto. Log in to Elvanto and go to the Admin Area / Files (https://fuuse.elvanto.net/files). Use the “Search” bar and the “Folder” drop-down near the top of that page to narrow the results down to the items you are seeking. If you cannot find what you want, speak up, to webmaster@exeteruu.org or office@exeteruu.org, and we’ll help you find it.
  • Send your feedback to the communications team, office@exeteruu.org and webmaster@exeteruu.org

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