Below are audio files (podcasts) of recent sermons given during worship services. Click the title of the one you wish to listen to, then use the control buttons on the player to either listen immediately or download to listen later. A high speed connection is recommended.

It may take up to four weeks for recent services to appear in this list. If a week’s service is missing, we apologize, but we probably had technical difficulties recording that service.

Sometimes we have video recordings of services, thanks to Herb Moyer. To see these video versions, click here.

Recent Sermons


Peace and Justice

Thinking About What Can’t be Imagined

Deep Listening as a Spiritual Practice

The Joy of Giving

The Other Side, White Privilege and Reparations

If I Can’t Dance, then I Don’t Want to be Part of the Revolution

A Tompta Christmas Story

Imagine the Earth and Our Relationship With It

Honoring Three Festivals of Light

Beauty in a Dark Time

Gratitude in Trails Carolina

Critical Yeast (Part III)

Critical Yeast (Part II)

Critical Yeast

Honoring Our Ancestors

Being Present: Listening Deep

Meeting the World with Fierce Love and a Little Playfulness

Racial Inequality and White Privilege

Dawn Huebner & Lisa Bunker Discuss Identity and Love

White Privilege, Racial Inequality and the Paul Beswick Award

The Universe Story

The American Pilgrimage

Sustainable Agreements

Easter Sermon

Abundance and Gratitude

Honoring Our Ancestors and Acting Out Our UU Faith

Talk With Asia Dorsey

Living Into Our Mission

Trees We Did Not Plant

FUUSE Remembrances

Thomas Friedman’s “Thank You for Being Late” and MLK’s “The Winds of Change”

Walt Whitman, Negotiating Change Part 2, and Dr. Martin Luther King

Negotiating Change Part 1