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Sermons from 2014

New Year’s Reflection

Christmas Eve Service

Copland, American Music


Responding to the Larger Issues of Ferguson

Accepting Another’s Gratitude

Indigenous Wisdom

Practicing Gratefulness in All Circumstances

Gratitude Challenge

Honoring Our Ancestors

A Conversation

Justice in Israel and Palestine


The Great Turning

Repentance and Return to Wonder

Octopus’ Garden — Sacred Space

Moving Stones

Buckminster Fuller – Experiment

I am of a Nature


Forgive and Remember

Taking the Whole Hearted Parenting Manifesto into the World

Living in Our Promises

UU Story Day

Reclaiming Inherent Dignity and Worth

Easter Reflection

The Rudest Woman in the World Saved My Life

We Are the Earth

Food for the Soul

Sharing Bread

The Great, Open, Windy World

What We Take In

Diary of a Space Zucchini

Take Small Steps and Keep Your Balance

Abundance, In Action and Hope

Dynamic Energy

You Can’t Make Mistakes

Shine Like the Sun

The Samurai vs. the Monk

What Does it Mean to Take a Leap of Faith?