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Sermons from 2016

Engaging: Turning to Each Other

What it Means to Be an Environmental Activist

Shambhala Warrior

The Fire of Commitment


What Will Happen to All That Beauty?


Spiritual Grounding of Democracy

Courage, Risk and the Sweet Life

Democracy and Honeybees

We, Too, Are Water

Love’s Austere and Lonely Offices

These Cracked Cups Hold Water

Our Story

The Pacifist and the Soldier

Mission, the Bounty of Our Community

You, Me, and Mobius II

You, Me, and Mobius – Part I

“What do you do when your neighbor is wrong?”

Nurturing Wholeness

Reflection on Animal Identity

Easter Reflection

When I Was a Boy

Facing Your Fears

The Noisy Paintbox

How to Be Mature

Being a Congregation

Crossing the Threshold