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Religious Education at FUUSE

Religious Education at FUUSE

We are again offering RE classes during our Sunday services! Children ages 5 - 11 are welcome to join at any time. Email the RE Coordinators at dre@exeteruu to learn more about our current RE program offerings and how you can get involved!

In-person and online worship

In-person and online worship

Join us for Sunday services in the sanctuary (masks optional) or online via Zoom.

Testimonials from FUUSE Members

Religious Education classes

We appreciate having our boys excitedly attend Religious Education classes where they are hearing the same messages that they hear at home, but from other voices.

A. & B.

Enjoying sermons and activism

I particularly enjoy Rev. Kendra’s sermons and the high level of activism at UU churches. I am thankful for all this congregation is doing!


People to heal with, to plan with and to fight with

We started to attend FUUSE in November, 2016, like many others, after a very disheartening election. It was a time when we were searching for a group of people to heal with, to plan with and to fight with, and we found all three at FUUSE.

A. & B.

I’m a Unitarian Universalist because

I’m a Unitarian Universalist because my great confidence in my great doubt is as much affirmed by my congregation as anyone else’s belief.


Actions I see motivate me

I believe in FUUSE’s mission statement:

“At FUUSE we seek to build a caring, inclusive community where we can ground ourselves spiritually, pursue justice in the larger society, and work to heal the natural world.”

Every day I see FUUSE leadership, members, and volunteers living this mission, and their actions motivate me to do the same.


Strength, safety and security

What will give me that sense of strength, safety and security so that I can recommit to engaging in the world? Like a stand of trees with deep roots – when we stand together in this community, our roots intertwine and feed each other. We hold each other up in the stormy times and offer protection under our branches. This community grounds me, makes me feel the sense of belonging that gives me courage to face the uncertain future.


Definitions of the sacred

Definitions of the sacred in Unitarian Universalist churches are attracting ever larger and ever more grateful and reverent congregations every Sunday.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

What we value most…

What remains constant is the critical need for a liberal religious viewpoint for the NH seacoast. We most value this community’s openness to accept many faith beliefs and the intellectual discussions around these different points of view.

W. & L.

Thinking for oneself

I appreciate FUUSE for the opportunity it provides to think for oneself, to pursue my involvement in social justice and to deepen compassion in human relations.


Joy that permeates the air

I’m so grateful for Kendra’s wisdom and spiritual guidance and for the way this congregation supports and nurtures each other.

There’s a joy that permeates the air on a Sunday morning at FUUSE.


Excited every Sunday

Every Sunday I am excited to come to service. It renews my spirit again and again.


Sense of connection

The one constant that is so meaningful to me is the deep sense of connection I feel to my FUUSE brothers and sisters who knit prayer shawls, play their instruments, shovel snow and cut the grass, make coffee for us each Sunday, stand at Town Hall with placards, write letters to the editors, march on Washington, NYC, Boston, organize Thanksgiving baskets, coordinate Secret Santa for Seniors, each month generously contribute to a Give it Away cause.

It’s the FUUSE brothers and sisters who work hard to make the world a better, greener, and more just place to live.


Meaningful part of my life

From Religious Education to choir, to lighting candles, to thoughtful and thought provoking sermons, to knitting ministry, to retreat and small group ministry, it’s been and continues to be a deeply meaningful part of my life.


Overwhelmingly supportive

When my daughter-in-law and all the family were stunned by her cancer, the FUUSE congregation were overwhelmingly supportive, and I knew that FUUSE would be important in my life.