Among the many findings presented in the Transition Team Report, chief among them is a desire within the FUUSE community to have greater clarity regarding 1) FUUSE’s organizational structure and 2) the roles and responsibilities of staff and volunteer committees and teams that do the work of FUUSE.

As the Transition Team Report makes clear, lack of clarity regarding FUUSE’s organizational structure and the roles and responsibilities of various FUUSE players (staff and volunteer) has sometimes led to misunderstanding and confusion about who is responsible for what.

The Board is seeking to promote better communication and improved functioning and relationships within FUUSE by providing clarity regarding the structure of our organization and the roles and responsibilities of those who serve FUUSE. In response to the Transition Team Report and our community’s wishes, the Board appointed a sub-group—Stephanie Marshall, David Michelsen, and Sujeong Shin—to work on organizational structure and roles/responsibilities. We would like to share the following DRAFT charts, as well as descriptions of role/responsibilities:

The Interdependent Web of FUUSE, our Draft Organizational Chart

The FUUSE Congregation’s Role in Church Governance

Roles & Responsibilities of Minister, Board of Trustees, some staff
positions, and Standing Committees

Part-time Staff Job descriptions

Roles & Responsibilities of Program Committees