Becoming a member of FUUSE is saying, “Yes, I want to join this community of seekers. Yes, I’m committed to spiritual and intellectual growth. Yes, I want to be part of a tradition grounded in service, justice, acceptance of diversity, and love.” 

Steps for Becoming a Member

  • Attend Sunday Services.  
  • Fill out a our FUUSE Connection card—Blue Card—while at church or online.
  • Sign up for E-FUUSE, our weekly newsletter
  •  Introduce yourself to our Minister in person or by email 
  • If you have children, email our Religious Life Coordinators 
  • Check out ways to Get Involved! 
  • Get to know us, and let us get to know you.

Attend a NEW to UU Gathering 

We invite you to meet other newcomers while learning more about FUUSE at one of our New to UU gatherings, which take place several times during the year. Watch for announcements in E-FUUSE, our newsletter, or contact our Membership Coordinator to find out when the next New to UU Program is taking place. 

The Rights and Responsibilities of Membership 

  • Get Involved! Have fun! Make Connections! There are so many ways FUUSE membership can enrich your life. Check out ways Get Involved!
  • Support FUUSE financially. FUUSE is totally self-reporting, which means that the Congregation’s donations pay for our Minister, staff, and all the expenses that come with operating the Parish Hall and Parsonage. While no specific amounts are prescribed, all members are expected to make a pledge for each fiscal year, from July to June. The members’ pledges form the basis for all budgets and financial plans of the church.
  • Participate in democratic governance of FUUSE. This includes voting at the annual meeting, where the budget is approved, as well as participation in various Committees, Teams, and initiatives where the work of the church is performed.

Fill out a Membership Form and Sign our Membership Book 

Complete a New Membership Form. Our Membership Coordinator will be in touch with you about signing the FUUSE Membership Book. Signing the book makes your membership official. 

Attend a New Member Welcome Ceremony 

While not required, we hope you will participate in one of our New Member Welcome Ceremonies that take place a few times a year. This is a lovely ceremony, where we introduce you to the congregation, and where the congregation welcomes you.