A Walk Through the Planned Renovations

The preliminary plans show the current vision of how the facilities will be updated and enhanced with the renovations. To provide more details about the many different elements that will be covered—related to space needs, energy efficiency, safety, accessibility, and flow and better movement through the space—we prepared the following itemized list explaining aspects of the plans in detail.


On January 13, the congregation approved proceeding with renovations. Click the button above to read the letter from the Board of Trustees and the Renovations Committee about what comes next!

Elm Street Entrance

  • Front ramp removed – to reveal and develop a more welcoming approach to the court yard and Parish Hall entry
  • Front porch reconstructed with new stairs, a composite floor and painted wood railings
  • New front door with emergency exit devices on the inside when locked on the outside
  • New front door to include glass panes for light and visibility
  • Regrade the landscape between the sidewalk and porch to reduce the number of steps.
  • Regrade the court yard leading to the new terrace to reduce the number of steps and the ramp length
  • New terrace to be one level, connecting the Parsonage, Parish Hall and Sanctuary
  • New covered entry door with emergency exit devices to the Parish Hall and courtyard entrance with glass for improved daylight and visibility
  • Redesign of courtyard landscape and plantings
  • Light well for increased daylight at lower level adjacent to new terrace
Elm Street Entrance drawing
Elm Street Entrance
Lower Level
Lower Level

Lower Level

  • Two new code conforming open stairways to provide safe egress and daylight to the lower level
  • New platform lift shaft way connecting first floor to the lower level (additional funds may need to be raised to purchase the platform lift)
  • All new interior finishes with vapor barrier and insulation
  • New windows with larger glass area in existing openings and two new window openings in stairways
  • New energy efficient lighting
  • New efficient heating system design and controls for ventilation and thermal comfort
  • New accessible bathroom
  • New art clean-up sink
  • Storage for RE and the LEGO team
  • New nursery at the bottom of the new stairway in close proximity to the Sanctuary
  • Flexible RE classroom and meeting space with a folding partition


  • Relocated to the north end of the Parish Hall where the nursery is currently
  • 3-sink wash station
  • A hand-sink
  • Large pass thru counter opening to the Parish Hall with an overhead rolling door that can be closed and securely locked
  • Improved work space layout with storage cabinets
  • New moon window with leaded glass design to memorialize Dixon

New Bathrooms

  • One accessible bathroom separated from the Parish Hall by a short hall to kitchen for privacy (No more opening the door in the Parish Hall).
  • One accessible bathroom in the new entrance area between the Sanctuary and the Parish Hall
  • One accessible bathroom on the lower level at the foot of the new stairs, adjacent to the new nursery

Courtyard Entrance

  • Located in the space where Kitchen and organ room are currently
  • New covered courtyard entrance with glass doors, transom
  • New open stairway connecting to the lower level
  • New platform lift for lower level accessibility
  • New accessible bathroom
  • Coat storage (9 Feet)
  • Two entrance/egress doors with sidelights connecting to the Sanctuary
  • Storage closet for ministry and music for services
Courtyard Entrance
Courtyard Entrance
Community Room
Community Room

Community Room

  • Large folding door opening (9 Feet) connecting to the Parish Hall for overflow (when not needed as a separate meeting space)
  • New oak veneer closets creating an alcove between the Community Room and Parish Hall for table and new folding chairs storage
  • Circulation through the Community Room between the Sanctuary and Parish Hall will no longer be necessary.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Improvements

  • New insulation and air sealing beneath Sanctuary and Community Room
  • Insulating all areas of new work in compliance with the energy code
  • New storm windows (operable with screens) on all existing double-hung windows in the Parish Hall, Community Room and Sanctuary.
  • The existing double-hung windows will be reconditioned (pending additional funds availability)
  • New energy efficient insulated windows in areas of new work
  • Convert existing boilers from oil-fired to cleaner burning natural gas
  • New LED lighting in areas of new work
  • New rough plumbing, plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • New heating and ventilation system at lower level
  • New electrical system in areas of new work
  • New fire and life safety equipment installed to code throughout

Phase 2 Will Be a Future Capital Campaign to Renovate the Sanctuary

  • Remove the suspended acoustical tile ceiling to expose the original vaulted ceiling with king-post scissor trusses above
  • Insulate the roof/ceiling in compliance with the energy code
  • Installing ceiling fans to improve ventilation and heat circulation
  • New improved lighting (LED)
  • Opening the chancel area toward the Sanctuary by removing the flanking hallways
  • New baby grand piano
  • Increase flexible seating and maximize Sanctuary capacity