Active Hope

You just found your people! We are standing up and taking action to create positive change in this new world. Small changes and big changes, and we welcome you.

Many of you are in or have completed the “Active Hope” book group. What is next for you? Several groups, based on loose themes, have been formed so that we may all find something that lies in our interests. You need not have read the book to lend your time and talents to any project. So come on in and make some new friends  – friends who care about the same things as you do. The themes are listed below.

  • Clean & Green: energy, environment, water, etc
  • Hear Our Voices: women’s equality, paid family leave, etc, inequality, LGBTQ+,  diversity, refugee/immigrant support, public policy, communications, money out of politics, etc
  • Artists for Social Change: any medium or level of talent (to support themes above)

Our monthly newsletter will bring a happiness to your heart, knowing that compassionate folks are working on important social justice issues. The newsletter highlights two stories each month, and provides a list of links that will help you take action at your own pace.

Please read our monthly newsletters to see what we are up to… and where you can jump in and have some fun.

Here are our most recent “Active Hope” newletters: