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The Elm and the Children

The Elm and the Children You may have noticed last year that we planted a little Elm tree in the yard.  And you might have noticed that over the summer, it moved.  I wanted to tell you the story behind the wandering Elm because I think it tells us some important things about community. I … Continue reading The Elm and the Children

Papal Visit

The pope is wandering around the planet holding people’s faces in his hands, touching their forehands, cradling their cheeks for a moment treasuring them, blessing them. He met with the man 3rd in line to be leader of the free world. The man wept and resigned his contentious post, as if he had been waiting … Continue reading Papal Visit

Spring is here!

… and while most of the bulbs in my yard are still buried under snow things are popping up all over the place at FUUSE! What is happening: FUUSE members have enthusiastically embraced the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) invitation for the month preceding Earth Day to be honored as Climate Justice month.  It was easy … Continue reading Spring is here!

Reflection: April 23

So much happens every week it’s hard to hold on to the through line of the purpose of church.  There have been a lot of difficulties recently to which many of you have been responding.  And I want to say that even your great kindness is held in something larger. A couple of weeks ago … Continue reading Reflection: April 23

Milkweed and Monarchs

Milkweed! We distributed milkweed seeds on Easter. (Look for small, colorful paper packets in vestibule if you didn’t get some and want some). You may just want to plant the seeds in your back yard after danger of frost has past or you could start them in your house now, they take a little while … Continue reading Milkweed and Monarchs