New Membership Database


Elvanto LogoFUUSE has selected a service named Elvanto ( to help keep us organized and communicating effectively.

Elvanto is a full-featured church membership and communications management database system. It has tools for managing groups and events and processes and volunteers and religious education. Elvanto includes an online member directory and a versatile calendar system.  This service has powerful security and privacy features, and so far seems easy to learn and use (compared to the dozens of other possibilities that were reviewed or tested.)

In the coming months, the roll-out will progress. It will connect important messages for you to your email and calendar. You will be able to manage and communicate with groups you lead through Elvanto’s administrative tools.

Let Yvonne or Webmaster Bill Downall know if you would like to jump in as an “early adopter.”

Try to log in using the link at the top right. If you have trouble, send a note to or