Ethics in Action Awards for 2019

FUUSE Doubles the Gratitude

This year, the board received several nominations for the award, and in the belief that more positivity is always a powerful and wonderful thing, we chose to honor two recipients with the Ethics in Action Award: Lisa Bunker and Herb Moyer.


Several years ago, Lisa left a 30 year career in public and community radio to become a full time writer. She has, with her first two books, created a new genre – post binary fiction – exploring what it means to be a “rainbow person” incommunity with other rainbow people. Her work has been described as “a love letter to anyone who feels out of place”. Being gay or trans is never the preachy point of her books. Lisa’s work gives voice to the often voiceless, and helps gender-variant kids, especially, see themselves as portrayed in positive ways.

Giving voice to the voiceless was a major theme of Lisa’s successful run for the NH House of Representatives as well. She made it a point to canvas every weekend for 4 months, knocking on over a thousand doors and having countless conversations in order to better understand the concerns of the people she hoped to represent. While she did not run on an LBGTQ platform – saying that being trans is just one small part of who she is – it turns out that it was a big deal nationally, as Lisa was only one of 4 out trans legislators elected to office in the U.S.

Lisa is involved in Boston Speak Out, an organization that sends LGBTQ representatives to companies and public meeting places for free, to educate the public. She has organized several Trans Day of Remembrance services in Exeter, and is a tireless advocate for trans rights, testifying at the state level for protections for trans people.

Lisa neither hides nor leads with her trans identity, yet remains aware that she is often the first “real live trans person” many people have met. She is determined to show people that she’s just a regular human by being just a regular human, or maybe slightly more than that. Lisa is unfailingly principled, devoted to just causes, generous and kind. She lives her ethics out loud.


Herb Moyer is, and has been, a school teacher, a photographer, a videographer, an activist, an education technologist, a former IBMer, a tech entrepreneur, a learner/student, a husband of Karen for 53 years, father, grandfather, great grandfather, financial professional and … best of all a member of FUUSE.

His Service to FUUSE includes:

  • Chronicling Sunday Services for the past 5 years
  • Photographing the congregation both parts and as a whole
  • Serving as an Active Social Justice Committee member
  • Keeping the congregation Informed as a trusted hub and distributor of information for progressive activities in the Seacoast

Herb’s Service to the Greater Community
Herb is a photographer and videographer documenting social, cultural, and political events for the Seacoast Region. He videotapes community events, and distributes them. Productivity: Imagine 450 or so videos on YouTube. Try them, you will like them.

He is currently the President of the Seacoast Anti-Pollution League (SAPL), and has either been an officer or a board member since the early 1970’s. SAPL is currently suing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in federal court for not allowing SAPL as an intervener and for not forcing the utility owner of the Seabrook “Nuke” to consider energy alternatives.