Excitement is Building!

Here's what the Board, the architect, the Renovations Committee, and many other FUUSE members have been up to:

Update and Next Steps

  • Detailed design work is almost complete: There have been several focused meetings looking at refining kitchen design and courtyard and landscaping/outside space. The goal is to complete design and circulate the drawings to contractors for bids in April and pick a contractor in May.
  • Current construction start date is June: There will be minimal disturbance to services this church year but once construction begins, we will be meeting elsewhere and exploring creative ways to keep connected while our spaces are renovated and updated. Construction will last from 6 to 8 months from start to finish, so we are looking at beginning months of 2020 before complete (and improved) functionality for all church facilities. The Board and Renovations Committee are exploring options about where to hold services this fall.
  • All hands on deck for packing up and cleaning out: The Church has a lot to do to get ready for this including getting everything out of almost all areas of the church, which must happen in April and May. Planning work for the move is ongoing including assigning committees to take care of their stuff and determining where we are going to store everything. All rental groups using the building have been asked to find new spaces starting in April. Although construction won’t begin until June, we have a lot of work to do to prepare in April and May (removal of equipment, furniture, kitchen stuff, etc.), and spaces throughout the buildings will not be equipped/available starting in those months.
  • Celebrating its service and bidding farewell to the organ: As you probably know, the renovation plans call for removing and dismantling the organ, which needs significant maintenance and repair (costing at least $15,000) and the ‘hidden’ room it occupies is needed as part of the renovation design. We are investigating salvage and reuse possibilities for the organ (including creating art/repurposing parts). Stay tuned for information on final celebration of the organ during the service on April 14 with Margery Prazar, who will also tell some of the history of the organ.
  • Farewell to the garden and making space for new growth: Renovation and construction activities will require complete redesign and planting of the courtyard garden between the sanctuary and the parsonage. We are inventorying, planning, and designing and will have a farewell to the garden sometime later this spring.

How Do I Find Out More?

We will update the website, the FUUSE Facebook page, and send out another letter between now and the start of construction. Please contact any member of the Renovations Committee or the Board with any questions during this exciting and transformative time. We are excited to be moving forward together and look forward to this next part of our community life.


Board Members
Jane Oldfield Spearman janeellen.os@gmail.com
Jonathan Winsor, see above
Jan Stephens janetstephens30@gmail.com
Cliff Sinnott cliffsinnott@gmail.com
Karen Patnaude kpatnaude11@comcast.net
Holley Daschbach peacecat123@yahoo.com
Jim Webber sagesinbloom@gmail.com
Roy Jones leroywjones@gmail.com
Renovations Committee
Deb Merrick fjmerrick@gmail.com
Dave Michelsen michelsens@comcast.net
Cliff Sinnott see above
Gwen Kenney sckenney2@msn.com
Nancy Fiske 9nancyfiske@comcast.net
Denise Short denise_short@hotmail.com
Will Urban swurban@aol.com
Jed Waddell Jed.waddell@gmail.com