Remote Religious Education

FUUSE is committed to staying connected with our children and families for the duration of the pandemic. New families are welcome! Click here to register for any of the programs below and to be added to weekly email reminders that contain instructions on how to join.

Programming for Little Kids (Ages 0-6)

Stories and Sharing, Wednesdays from 7-7:30pm

Join us every Wednesday evening for a UU bedtime story!  We will begin by each sharing one thing that is special to us:  it could be a toy, a pet, something we made, a story about our week, or anything else that is in our hearts.  Parents are encouraged to help babies and toddlers share as well.  We will then reflect on last week’s at-home challenge, read a story, talk about a new at-home challenge for the week, sing a simple UU hymn, and say goodnight. Big Kids and Teens are welcome to join as well!

Programming for Big Kids (Ages 6-12)

Stardew Valley, Mondays from 4-5pm

Join us every Monday in Stardew Valley, a peaceful, cooperative digital world, where we honor our UU values by collaborating to farm the land and fix up the town. Teens and Adults are welcome too! (Adults ages 18+ must pass a background check before joining the game.)

Programming for Teens (Ages 12-18)

Youth Group, Sundays from 4-5pm

Youth Group is open to all teens ages 12-18 who wish to explore what it means to be a UU in a changing world.  Each month we focus around a new theme through discussion, hands-on activities, and weekly challenges.

Youth Action Committee for Black Lives Matter, Tuesdays from 8-9pm

Are you committed to social justice? Join us as we educate ourselves about the history of black people in America, white privilege, and systemic racism.  From there, we will move on to specific actions we can take to improve the lives of black people in our community, state, and country.  Adults are welcome to join this group, but please recognize and support that this a space for youth leadership. (Adults 18+ must pass a background check in order to join.)

Programming for Parents

Parenting During a Pandemic, Wednesdays from 8:30-9:30pm

Join fellow FUUSE parents every Wednesday night as we help each other figure out how to guide our families through these extraordinary times. This group is for anyone who is actively parenting a young person (birth through college).  Bring a beverage of your choice and let’s talk about what is working and what is hard.