Requirements for Building Renovations

Renovations to facilities at FUUSE will meet, as much as possible, these requirements that were developed through several meetings and discussions.

A. General Considerations

This project consists of renovating the existing building on our own property.
The design shall allow for potential growth and integrate expansion as our needs and resources grow.

  1. All space must be designed for multiple uses to attain the least cost and greatest energy efficiency.
  2. Space is needed for four simultaneous meetings on weeknights. These meetings must not interfere with each other.
  3. The youth groups (YRUU) may meet twice during the week, requiring adequate space and sound abatement for their activities.
  4. Sunday morning rehearsal space is needed that has adequate sound abatement and a piano or keyboard for both choir and musicians.
  5. Attention must be given to long-term ease and cost of maintaining the premises, including use of building materials that withstand anticipated use and weather conditions as well as convenient storage for cleaning supplies and equipment on each floor and various usage areas. Storage accessible from the outdoors needs to be available for garbage, recycling, and ground maintenance equipment.
  6. Attention shall be given to current and evolving technology and media needs.

B. Sanctuary

The worship area must be an aesthetic space designed and furnished to reflect our UU beliefs. This same space must also serve for music concerts, weddings, memorial services, lectures, social outreach programs, and other formal gatherings. Movable seating will make the space usable for a wide variety of uses.

These features are required in the Sanctuary:

  1. Easily movable and storable chairs that are comfortable and include holders for pencils and hymnals.
  2. Suitability for formal gatherings with aesthetics that are reflective of our UU identity.
  3. Flexibility to accommodate diverse worship activities ranging from sermons, to dance, and to services that include congregational participation.
  4. Visually non-linear in appearance (not rectangular or box-like) while accommodating a variety of seating arrangements with consideration for sight lines to the chancel/performance area.
  5. A feeling of connectedness among attendees, minimizing any sense of separation between presenters and audience.
  6. Abundant natural lighting; flexible, easily controlled, low-noise artificial lighting; provision for darkening for special services, theatrical, and audio-visual presentations.
  7. Better acoustics and a high quality sound system to enable all those attending, including the hearing-impaired, to hear and enjoy both music and spoken word.
  8. Adequate space and storage for robes, stoles, sanctuary items, and decorations.
  9. Easy traffic flow within the worship area as well as to-and-from other areas.
  10. Ample space that is not front-and-center for musical instruments and performers.
  11. Buffer space between the chancel and congregational seating for the choir, wedding parties, or special presentations, etc.

C. Parish Hall

  1. Easy access to restrooms and storage.
  2. Lost and found storage.
  3. Proximity to the main kitchen for large and small functions.
  4. Movable chairs and tables.

D. New Vestibule Area

Provide an entry space that is warm and welcoming, where members and friends are greeted and coats and boots stored. Include a visitor information table for informational bulletins, nametags, and orders of service. Also provide seating for greeters.

  1. A physical and mental transition from the outside world, integrating the two. All who enter will have a feeling of community and recognition that this is a special place.
  2. Convenient storage for coats, boots, and nametags.
  3. Lighting that creates an atmosphere that is spacious, warm, and welcoming.
  4. Space for greeting, visiting, socializing, and hosting information tables.
  5. Bulletin board or kiosk.
  6. Storage for Miscellaneous Items & Decorations, Visitors’ Table.
  7. Easy flow into sanctuary and parish hall
  8. Minister will be able to greet those heading home and those heading to coffee hour after the services
  9. More space for easy flow from sanctuary to the parish hall

E. Meeting Rooms for Youth Education and Programs

The new facility must provide nursery facilities for infants and quality, functional multiple-use religious education space for our youth from toddlers to teens. Throughout the week this same spaces will accommodate adult programs. One of these areas will also be used as a chapel for children’s chapel and small services such as small private weddings and memorials. Compliance with FUUSE’s Safe Congregation Policy.

  1. Flexibility to accommodate yearly age group changes.
  2. Space for a dynamic YRUU Jr. and Sr. High School youth program. Can be in the Community room/classroom on main level
  3. Access to a safe outdoor play area.
  4. Space for a nursery
  5. Certifiable for daycare?
  6. Separate entry with a place for coats and boots.
  7. Nearby refrigeration for snacks
  8. Classrooms that include glass windows.
  9. Floors half-carpeted and half-linoleum.
  10. Area for the LEGO team’s 4’x8′ practice table and storage cabinet.
  11. Easy-access to the RE storage area and kitchen
  12. Appropriate sound attenuation in each room.
  13. Scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces.
  14. Wall display areas in all rooms and corridors.
  15. Adequate and appropriately secured large walk-in closet for class supplies
  16. Child-sized tables and chairs for Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten.
  17. Distinct common space with a focal point for children’s chapel and other program uses. This common space/chapel could be used for choir and musician rehearsal space with proper storage for music files and instruments.

F. Community Room/Classroom

  1. Formal space for Board meetings and covenant groups, workshops, classes, a lounge, a library, and community space to enhance outreach programs.
  2. Have space for displays and announcements.
  3. Quiet, well lit, and clearly visible space with room for a table and chairs and comfortable chairs for reading and contemplating.
  4. Proximity to kitchen services.
  5. Rehearsal space for the choir, keyboard, instrumentalists, and other groups for service rehearsals
  6. No interruptions from others needing to walk through.
  7. Doors can be opened to make the parish hall area larger
  8. Doors can be closed for quiet meetings

G. Moved Kitchen

  1. A large area that can accommodate 10 to 12 workers for food preparation, service, and clean-up for a maximum of 380 people.
  2. Adequate electrical outlets for multiple appliances, in particular coffee urns.
  3. Meet requirements for daycare, commercial, and public rental usage.
  4. Storage space for cooking, serving, and cleaning items.
  5. Surfaces easy to clean and sanitize.
  6. Equipment a child could use with proper adult supervision.
  7. Garbage and recycling storage.
  8. Convenient service entrance reachable by cars for delivery.
  9. Convenient outdoors recycling, composting, and garbage storage.
  10. Away from the sanctuary for noise reduction during services
  11. Better flow between kitchen and parish hall
  12. Back door for easy entry from Maple Street

H. Restroom

  1. Easy access from the Sanctuary, the Parish Hall, and the classrooms without passing through other meeting areas.
  2. One toilet will be ADA compliant
  3. Hot water with better water pressure
  4. Heated space