… Hear Sermons on Your Smartphone

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It’s remarkable to see how often people have been downloading sermons from the web page. Several recent sermons have already been downloaded by over a dozen people.
You can catch up on a sermon you missed — or hear it again — by listening to it on your computer while you visit the web page. But you can also listen to a sermon on your smartphone while you go for a walk or are driving in your car.
The basic steps are:
  1. Download the sermon you want to your phone
  2. Open the file of the downloaded sermon using the software that plays music on your phone
  3. Listen
If you do the “downloading” step while you are at home or otherwise connected to WiFi, it will copy onto your phone faster than it would over your phone’s data connection. But you could also do this away from WiFi.  A sermon is usually less than 20 Megabytes in size. Even if you have a 1 Gigabyte per month data limit on your phone plan, you could download fifty 20 Mb sermons a month and not use a Gigabyte.
Details will vary from phone to phone. But here is one example of setting up an Android smartphone so that you could to listen to a sermon while you go for a walk.

Inline image 1Using the web browser on your phone, go to exeteruu.org The small-screen version of our web page compresses the main menu into a little icon of three white bars in a stack (circled in the image.) tap that icon.

Inline image 2When the menu appears, tap on “Sermons: Audio Podcasts.”





Inline image 3Scroll and/or page to the sermon you would like to hear, and tap it.







Inline image 4This will start the sermon file downloading to your phone. On an Android phone, “Downloads” is the default application that keeps track of files. Another free application that I think is easier to navigate is ES File Explorer, which is available in the Google Play store. Here is the notification from ES File Explorer when a download is complete:

You can then plug in your earbuds, and tap on “Open file.” In this example, there are several apps that can play a sermon file. You could choose “Google Play Music” with a tap, and head out the door to walk and listen.

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