Why Would You Want to Use It?

Inline image 1At the bottom right corner of the “front page” at, there is a section called “UUs on Twitter.” Don’t be afraid of Twitter. Think of it as something like the scroll across the bottom of the news or sports channels on your television. Twitter shows headlines. Its headlines change all the time. In the widget on our front page, you can move the scroll bar down the right side and look back at older ones. Our list shows tweets that are from UU organizations and people.  You do not need to “Sign up for Twitter” to read through Twitter pages and feeds.

Any words in light blue are links that can be clicked. They will take you to more information.

If you are not familiar with twitter, here are some hints about the links:
  • Some links start with “#” or “@.” The most relevant blue links do not start with those two character. The ones that have slash marks (“/”) in them, will take you to a web page or a picture.
  •  If a blue link starts with an “at” sign (@), it will take you to the twitter page of a person whose twitter handle or username starts with the @.
  •  If a blue link starts with a hash mark (#) it is the beginning of a key word, called a hashtag. Clicking those will take you to a twitter page of tweets and comments that include that “hashtag.” (Some Americans call that a “pound sign” — but the rest of the world thinks a pound sign looks like this: “£” )

Try it. And let us know if you know of other UU Tweeters whose tweets should be included in our list. Email your questions or ideas to or