The Give-It-Away Plate at FUUSE

In 2004 the FUUSE board mandated that an Outreach Committee be formed with the focus on local giving and service and the establishment of a greater contributing presence for FUUSE in the community. The following mission statement was adopted:

“The Outreach Committee reaches beyond FUUSE walls by providing meaningful ways to connect, support and enrich others through service, spirit and financial contributions.”

One of the first goals of the committee was financial giving to worthy non-profits. The first few years donations were made from budgeted funds. Outreach was asked to research and select appropriate non-profits from our community. The concept of the Give-It-Away plate as a way of gathering funds was introduced in 2006 with Kendra’s guidance. Outreach began collecting donations from the third Sunday offering plate and no longer relied on budgeted funds. The GIA practice continues to present, and Outreach continues to research and select local non-profits that demonstrate that our contributions would be likely to make a positive difference.

A number of years ago several surveys were conducted to determine FUUSE priorities. Homelessness, hunger, youth and elderly were chosen. Over the last twelve years FUUSE has donated to 38 different non-profits. GIA continues to grow and be an important part of how FUUSE works together to make a positive difference in our community.

Past Recipients of our GIA Offerings

  • Hope on Haven Hill
  • New Outlook Teen Center
  • Rockingham Meals on Wheels
  • One Sky
  • Conor’s Climb
  • Hospice Help Foundation
  • On Belay
  • Children’s Trust
  • Great Bay Workforce
  • Squamscott Community Commons
  • Women Infants and Children (WIC)
  • Family Support Program of Rockingham Community Action (branch of WIC)
  • The Sad Cafe
  • Darfur Relief Fund of the UU Service Committee
  • Waslala Water Project
  • NH National Guard Children’s Camp
  • RCA Family Literacy Programs
  • NH Community Loan Fund
  • Direct Relief International Cyclone Victims of Myamar
  • Peace Day
  • Fuel Assistance: Hartman Oil
  • Seacoast Outright
  • Richie McFarlane
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Mallely Farm Boys Home
  • CASA
  • Blue Ocean Society
  • RCA Homeless Program (Adults)
  • Portsmouth Housing Partnership
  • FUUSE inreach
  • Liberty House Veterans Home